Current Projects

Our organisation has successfully delivered a number of projects drawing on strong collaborative relationships across the advocacy sector, including organisations delivering frontline individual advocacy support, self advocacy and peer support networks, and representative organisations, whether cross-disability or disability-specific, and Nationally, State or Territory, or locally focused.  

DANA is interested in opportunities to undertake projects in keeping with our vision, mission and organisational purpose and our current Strategic Plan.

Case Studies Project

Case studies are a very effective way of capturing the successes and challenges experienced by people with disability along with the work of advocacy in supporting them. DANA is commencing a project to gather stories from the advocacy sector that will be used to develop case studies for a range of purposes including submissions to the Disability Royal Commission, Senate Inquiries and media stories. The project will also produce a guide to developing case studies that can be used by advocates in their own work.

DANA has contracted a professional writer and researcher, Rhiân Williams, to work on the project. Rhiân was one of the researchers with the Cost Benefit Analysis of advocacy which DANA commissioned in 2018.

If you are interested in being part of this project please contact Mary Mallett on

Intake Project

The intake project will involve DANA discussing intake and prioritization processes that are being used by disability advocacy organisations, as well as how waitlists and demand are managed. The project will aim to highlight if and where processes can be streamlined and made consistent across the sector.

The project will also examine referrals to advocacy organisations which come through the new Disability Gateway. This will include how Gateway resources can be optimised to add value to the work of the funded advocacy organisations, and how input from the advocacy organisations can add value to the Gateway service delivery of information and referrals.

The intake project will involve a six-month trial of DANA gathering information through monthly updates from advocacy organisations. This also involves capturing unmet demand – people with disability having to be turned away from advocacy services due to lack of capacity and resources.

DANA will also assess existing systems and tools used in other demand-driven sectors (e.g. Family Violence Services, Housing and Homelessness, Community Legal Centres, financial counselling etc).

DANA wants to understand the need for advocacy in a more in depth way, and we will do this by gathering information on demand and unmet need from people with disability, Disabled Peoples Organisations (DPOs) and Disability Representative Organisations (DROs), advocates, families & carers, disability service providers, Local Area Coordinators, Coordinators of Support, and relevant statutory bodies (Public Advocates and Public Guardians, Anti-Discrimination Commissions, Ombudsmen).

The second half of the project will involve developing a co-designed draft ‘intake toolkit’, through a series of guided discussions with advocacy organisations. The ‘intake toolkit’ will cover streamlining tools and policies for intake, prioritisation and capturing data. The co-design process will look at what could be adopted as most efficient and best practice with the focus that people with disability get timely access to the advocacy they require, with the people who have the highest, most urgent need for advocacy being prioritised. The ‘intake toolkit’ will also serve as a guide to assist the Disability Gateway to understand which people and which issues to refer to which advocacy organisations.

If you are interested in being part of this project please contact Sara Franzoni on