Our Governance Framework

DANA Strategic Plan (Rolling) 2022-2025

Our Role

DANA is the national representative body for a network of independent disability advocacy organisations throughout Australia.

DANA’s vision is to ensure a national network of adequately resourced disability advocacy organisations that promote the rights, and meets the needs, of people living with disability.

Our Purpose

DANA’s purpose is to strengthen and support independent disability advocacy organisations across Australia by:

  • promoting the role and value of independent disability advocacy,
  • giving our members a collective voice,
  • supporting communication and the sharing of information between disability advocacy organisations,
  • developing the capacity of the disability advocacy sector,
  • building the evidence base to demonstrate the value of advocacy, and
  • promoting the human rights, needs, value and diversity of people with disabilities.

Key Focus Areas

1. Lead & Strengthen

Provide a leadership role for the collective voice of independent disability advocacy organisations Australia wide.

2. Communication & Connection

Provide expert commentary on the issues that affect the sector and develop and strengthen partnerships to enhance the work we do.

3. Promote Independent Advocacy

Champion the benefits of independent disability advocacy for people with disability and governments

4. Sustainability and Resilience

Build a sustainable organisation that delivers on its purpose and values and supports adequate and recurrent funding of the disability advocacy sector nationally.

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DANA Constitution

DANA’s Constitution specifies the rules of governance including for the DANA board, the election of directors and membership and associate membership of DANA. It was last amended in December 2021.

Read the full DANA Constitution (as amended 14 Dec 2021)