Disability rights organisations launch End the Violence campaign

Everyone deserves to live in a world free from violence, yet people with disability face much higher rates of violence, harassment and abuse across all aspects of their lives.

This violence is prolific, and it happens everywhere. 

  • In our health system. 
  • In our homes. 
  • In our neighbourhoods. 
  • In our schools. 
  • In our workplaces. 
  • In the places we receive support.

Our justice system is another place where people with disability regularly face violence, particularly for First Nations people with disability.   

For the past four years, people with disability, their families and supporters have told their harrowing stories to the Disability Royal Commission of systematic violence, harassment and abuse. Right now, you and everyone in our disability community can take action to stop this violence.

Together, disability rights organisations from across Australia are united to end the violence so people with disability can feel safe when we use services, supports and do everyday activities in communities across the country. 

On September 29, 2023, the Disability Royal Commission is due to release its final report and recommendations to the government. It’s critical to keep up the pressure now and make sure you and every member of our disability community get real protections against violence in the future. 

The Australian Government needs to act now to:

  1. Reform systems to ensure accessible, responsive and accountable protocols and procedures to investigate, respond to and act on instances of violence, harassment and abuse. 
  2. Fund frontline support to make sure people with disability are aware of their rights and supported to take action and report violence, harassment and abuse when it happens to them. 
  3. Establish programs to tackle the sources of violence and address the practices that allow this systematic violence to occur.

Send your call for action today!

You can take action and send a message to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and Minister for Social Services Amanda Rishworth that you want action to end the violence now.