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Update on confidentiality of Disability Royal Commission submissions

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You may remember that DANA, with other National disability peak organisations, sent a joint letter in September to the Hon. Christian Porter MP to express concern about the lack of long-term legislative protections for confidentiality. The Attorney-General published a media release on 20 October announcing these amendments will be made, indicating that: “I have instructed my department to work swiftly on the amendments, with the aim of introducing in the Autumn sittings of 2021.” DANA has been hearing from advocates that this lack of assurance is adding uncertainty and complexity to the process of making submissions or deterring people from sharing their story.  

DRC hears stories of education barriers

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The Disability Royal Commission public hearing in October was focused on Barriers to accessing a safe, quality and inclusive school education and life course impact. On the first day of the hearing Commissioners heard from a panel of representatives from advocacy organisations, with particular knowledge of education issues. 

#MakeItSafeToSpeak – Support Open Letter calling for confidentiality protections

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Your advocacy organisation can now add your support to a joint letter to the Hon. Christian Porter MP, calling upon the Attorney-General to introduce legislation into the Australian Parliament to protect the confidentiality of information given to Disability Royal Commission. The Government has been aware of the need to amend the Royal Commissions Act since February and it’s well past time these changes were made.

DRC hears stories of chemical restraint

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This public hearing in September examined use of psychotropic medication as a chemical restraint.  A chemical restraint occurs when medication is not used to treat a diagnosed mental disorder, a physical illness or a physical condition but used for the purpose of influencing a person’s behaviour. Advocates from around the country shared their observations and insights on the topic, reflecting an over-reliance on psychotropic medication to manage “behaviours” and inadequate oversight mechanisms and safeguards for people with disability

Sharing your education experiences with the Disability Royal Commission

Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

To date, the Disability Royal Commission has heard a lot from academics, researchers, and providers at their public hearings. It’s extremely important that the Royal Commission hears from more people with disability at its hearings. If you would like to tell the Disability Royal Commission about your experiences trying to access safe and inclusive school […]

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DRC hears stories from the pandemic

The Royal Commission held a public hearing in Sydney from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 August 2020. The four days of hearings included appearances by advocates and representatives of advocacy organisations, and National peak disability representative organisations.