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Employment issues paper published by DRC

In mechanics' garage man in wheelchair with female coworker

The Royal Commission wants to hear about people’s experiences across a wide range of employment settings including paid work, independent contracting, self-employment or apprenticeships as well as segregated employment settings and community based enterprises in First Nations communities.

Rights and Attitudes issues paper published by DRC

Artwork by Paul Constable Calcott

The Rights and Attitudes issues paper seeks feedback about community attitudes towards people with disability and about how well advocacy is working for people with disability, to prevent or help respond to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Disability Royal Commission calls for urgent action

Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation

The Royal Commission is calling on all Australian governments to ensure that responses to COVID-19 include dedicated strategies and take all necessary measures to protect and support people with disability.

Australian governments should seek input from people with disability, leading disability experts and advocates in developing their dedicated strategy, and in particular, in its COVID-19 Coordination Commission initiative.

Disability Royal Commission suspends all public events

Royal Commission IMAGE of woman holding scales (of justice)

Disability Royal Commission suspends all public events Please note that the Disability Royal Commission has suspended public hearings, due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus.  This includes  upcoming hearings on: education scheduled for next week in Brisbane, Queensland justice scheduled for April in Brisbane, Queensland First Nations people with disability scheduled for May in […]

Source: AFDO

Disability Royal Commission: help fix submission form

To help people give their information to the Disability Royal Commission* a submission form was designed. DANA explained to the Commissioners that there were problems with their submission form: the questions were too long and complicated not all questions aligned...