Voices of Advocacy

DANA hopes to amplify the voices of on-the-ground advocates to ensure their insights and expertise inform the work of the Disability Royal Commission. 

DANA Snapshot of COVID-19 Advocacy Demand

This is a report on a brief snapshot taken of demand for disability advocacy services during the period of COVID-19 risk. The survey of advocacy organisations was conducted in late April to early May, and received responses from 35 organisations in total, almost all of which are members of DANA. The results of this snapshot survey draw attention to some worrying emerging issues. In some key areas demand has increased significantly and many organisations have not been able to meet this increased demand, in-part due to the sector already being at or over capacity.

DANA Snapshot of COVID-19 Advocacy Demand, ‘Insufficient capacity for increased demand – Survey’ | Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability

DANA and DRC Workshops – Transcripts 

Between October 2020 and March 2021, Disability Advocacy Network of Australia (DANA) collaborated with the Disability Royal Commission (DRC) Community Engagement team, to hold a series of virtual State/Territory focused workshops (one or two in every jurisdiction) on the topics of Restrictive Practices and Segregated Settings, with staff of the DRC in attendance. Identifying details have been removed from the edited transcripts. Participants were informed that sessions would be recorded to capture their insights and observations.

QLD – 1 December Workshop – DANA Submission to DRC

SA – 8 December Workshop – DANA Submission to DRC