DANA eNews – Mid September

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DANA eNews ???? – Mid-September 2022 Edition

This edition of DANA’s eNews is out and full of the latest news about advocacy, the NDIS, the Disability Royal Commission, and COVID-19 information.

There’s also an update about the recent Jobs and Skills Summit, current opportunities, new resources, jobs in the advocacy sector and more…

The last few editions reflect a format that we have designed with the aim of better communicating and connecting with our members and wider audience. We encourage you to sit down with your beverage of choice, and peruse the latest news including updates about recent announcements, current inquiries, jobs, opportunities, grants, and resources from Australia’s disability advocacy sector and community.

DANA views the eNewsletter as an important part of our strategic plan, in particular, our focus on communication and connection. We hope to use the eNews to communicate key updates, opportunities, and stories. We also intend to build our connection and engagement with the disability advocacy community.

Keep an eye out over the next few months as DANA will be posting opportunities to share your thoughts on the new format, engagement style and your content preferences.

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