Rights and Attitudes issues paper published by DRC

[Artwork by Wiradjuri Elder and artist Paul Constable Calcott depicts ‘Respectful Listening’ – illustrating the journey of seven Commissioners, carrying a message stick across the country, to collect stories from people with disability, their families and communities.]

The Rights and Attitudes issues paper is designed to assist the Royal Commission in its investigation about people’s awareness and understanding of the rights of people with disability.

This issues paper looks at the awareness and recognition of the rights of people with disability. They want to learn more about the level of awareness that people with disability, and the wider community, have about the rights of people with disability.

The DRC is also interested in attitudes towards people with disability. They want to know more about how those attitudes develop and what can be done to change them.

The issues paper includes a section and corresponding questions on advocacy:  

  • What advocacy or advocacy assistance is currently available to people with disability?
  • What are your suggestions for reform or improvement to advocacy, to help prevent and improve responses to violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation of people with disability?

The paper asks 10 questions in total. Submissions are encouraged by 31 July 2020.