National Coordination Function (NCF)

Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) has been funded by the Australian Government for two years (until until 30 June 2024), to coordinate services between seven to seventeen Disability Representative Organisations (or DROs) that engage in systematic advocacy on behalf of people with disability.

The National Coordination Function (NCF) will support:

  • National Disability Representative Organisations funded by the Australian Government ​
  • DRO program by providing secretariat and other key functions​
  • Improved collaboration between DROs, leading to more coordinated input and advice to government; and​
  • Streamlined and strategic reporting to the Department on the outputs of DRO work

Disability Representative Organisations of the NCF:


Australian Federation of Disability Organisations, which leads a consortium consisting of:

  • Blind Citizens Australia
  • Brain Injury Australia
  • Deaf Australia
  • Deafblind Australia
  • Deafness Forum of Australia
  • Disability Advocacy Network Australia
  • Down Syndrome Australia
  • The National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum
  • Physical Disability Australia
  • Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia

Children and Young People with Disability Australia

First Peoples Disability Network Australia

National Ethnic Disability Alliance

People with Disability Australia

Women with Disabilities Australia

Inclusion Australia