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How to join DANA

The Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) is a company limited by guarantee that has been established for the purpose of strengthening and supporting disability advocacy organisations across Australia. DANA and our members help advocate for and with people with disabilities so that they are valued and included members of the community, their fundamental needs are met, and their human rights respected.

Eligibility for Membership

Organisations are eligible for Membership of DANA if they:

  • are an independent advocacy organisation.
  • have objectives, purposes, and a mission consistent with those of DANA, and
  • pay the membership fee relevant to their organisation within 30 days of renewal notice.

Organisations are eligible for Associate Membership of DANA if they:

  • are supportive of the purposes of DANA, and
  • pay the membership fee relevant to their organisation within 30 days of renewal notice.

Note: Associate Members are ineligible to participate in the management of DANA or to vote on any resolution. They have the right to receive notices of and to attend and be heard at any DANA General Meeting.

Membership Process

The following process will take place for new membership applications:

  1. Complete your application using the form below
  2. The DANA Board’s Membership Committee will meet to discuss membership applications
  3. DANA will then let applicants know the Membership Committee’s decision
  4. Once approved, a tax invoice will be issued for your membership fee. 
  5. Membership is renewable on an annual basis (July 1)

Membership Fees

The membership fee is determined by the level of funding received by an organisation

  • The relevant funding level applies to the year preceding the 2022-23 financial year
  • The DANA interpretation of “disability” is not limited by age or disability type
  • DANA will ordinarily rely on organisations to decide on the appropriate membership fee category for their organisation.
  • DANA does, however, reserve the right to review the membership category nominated by an organisation in accordance with above criteria and determine that a different category applies

Complete the Application

To become a member of DANA, our constitution requires members to be:

  • Independent advocacy organisations
  • Organisations whose purpose aligns with DANAs.
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