Enhancing the ART Bill: Recommendations for a More Equitable Tribunal

The Administrative Review Tribunal (ART) is set to replace the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), offering an opportunity to improve administrative review processes. However, several crucial aspects need refinement to ensure fairness and accessibility, particularly for individuals navigating the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). In response, DANA has put forward key recommendations to modify the bill before parliament.

Inclusive Design: Consulting with Stakeholders

DANA advocates for active consultation with ART users, especially people with disability, during the rule-making process. Involving those who rely on the system ensures it caters to their needs, fostering trust and ownership.

Increased Funding for Legal Aid and Advocacy

Access to legal representation and advocacy is vital, especially for marginalised individuals. DANA calls for increased funding for Legal Aid and Advocacy services to ensure equitable access to justice.

Embracing the IER Program and Innovation

DANA suggests incorporating successful aspects of the Independent Expert Review (IER) Program and innovative approaches from other Tribunals to enhance efficiency and reduce delays.

Establishing a Fair Access Fund for Expert Evidence

To ease the burden of acquiring expert evidence, DANA proposes the creation of a dedicated fund, making it accessible to all individuals, regardless of their financial resources.

Collaborative Efforts for a Better ART

DANA’s recommendations align with a shared vision of a fair and accessible ART. Collaborative efforts are crucial to creating a Tribunal that sets the standard for fairness and inclusivity.

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